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Wynne Law Firm provides will probate and estate administration legal representation to clients throughout the State of Mississippi.  If your loved one’s estate has been administered in a state other than Mississippi and that loved one had land in Mississippi, an estate matter will have to be administered in Mississippi to properly transfer title to the Mississippi property.  We have provided those types of legal services for clients from literally all over the United States (from California to Illinois).  We represent executors and administrators throughout the entire course of the process, from initial appointment to the completion of the estate administration.

Probate is the court-supervised process of gathering and inventorying a deceased person’s (Decedent’s) property, paying all debts and taxes owed and distributing any remaining property, particularly land, to the decedent’s will beneficiaries or heirs at law (depending on whether the Decedent had a properly executed will or any will at all). If you are an executor or administrator, Wynne Law Firm will help you inventory and value the decedent’s property and assets and assist you in gathering all documents that may be necessary to probate the estate. We will explain your responsibilities and work with you in an attempt to make sure that the decedent’s last wishes are properly carried out. Once the assets of the estate are accounted for and distributed, we will file all necessary documents to close the estate.

Will probate and estate administration can be a lengthy and complicated process, and normally takes longer than most people realize or understand.  No matter how complex or routine your estate matter may be, we will be up-front and frank in answering your questions and work with the executor or administrator in resolving any issues that may arise within the process.

Generally, the probate and estate administration process runs smoothly and everyone gets along.  However, objections may sometimes come up within the process over either the management of the property of the estate or the distribution of the assets of the estate. We attempt to negotiate and settle these objections, but have no qualms about fully protecting the interests of our clients should litigation become unavoidable.


Using Wills, Power of Attorneys, Health Care Directives (Living Wills), Conservatorships & Guardianships, HIPPA Releases, etc.

Elder Law essentially is the process of guiding and assisting persons who have reached that age number of years milestone in their lives in preparing for life's final end and having the processes and documents in place to assure that the person's wishes are properly carried out.

Wynne Law Firm will work with the individual, couple or family in determining the proper legal documents that need to be prepared and executed.  It is extremely important, if possible, that legal counsel is sought to assist in making these determinations before a person becomes legally unable to sign or execute documents such as a will or durable power of attorney (particularly where dementia and / or alzheimers is a consideration).

If you or a family member is in need of counsel going into those "golden years", contact Wynne Law Firm and we will work with you in an attempt to make sure what ultimately happens to your property is your decision (and not that of another family member or the Court).


Judicial Determination of Heirs, Land Title Litigation or Suits to Quiet Title in Real Estate.

As Wynne Law Firm can attest, heirship issues in land can quickly become a monumental problem as years (and generations of families) go by without there being a will executed or probated to properly transfer title in the property.  When a person who owns land dies without a will, at the moment of that person's death his or her land vests as a matter of law (automatically) into his or her heirs.  In Mississippi (as most states) those heirs are designated by statute. 

Many times a family just does not understand the statutory heir situation or maybe has heard for years through the family that the land "went" to a certain family member.  Without a will that specifically leaves that land to a specific person, that just is not the case.  We have heard too many times to count where generations have died and the last recorded deed into a piece of property was maybe seventy (70) years ago and nothing has been done since that time.  To make matters even more confusing for the family, they (the family) have heard and been told for years that the property went to a certain person.  Additionally, many people have the mistaken belief that land, for instance, goes to the last one alive (such as in the case of the last surviving sibling). 

As the years and generations go by with nothing "legally" being done with and to the title to the property, it becomes more and more complicated in dealing with and getting the true title figured out and properly determined judicially.

If you have such a situation with family land or want to prevent such a situation, contact Wynne Law Firm and we will work with you on understanding the current situation and take the action necessary to finally have a judicial determination made regarding your family land.


Title Work, Purchasing Farm Land or Timber, Boundary Disputes, Easements, Commercial Property Acquisition.

Title Work, Purchasing Farm Land or Timber, Boundary Disputes, Easements, Commercial Property Acquisition.

Title Work, Purchasing Farm Land or Timber, Boundary Disputes, Easements, Commercial Property Acquisition.


Repayment Demands, Collection Suits, Replevin Actions & Foreclosures.

Wynne Law Firm handles all aspects of agricultural, timber and commercial land transactions.

Whether you are buying or selling agricultural land, timber or commercial properties, we will explain the procedure and assist you with every step of the process.

When conflicts and disagreements arise, we work closely with you in finding practical and cost-effective remedies.

Real estate conflicts can be costly and stressful, particularly those that involve another family member or a neighbor.  We understand that, and will work in order that you understand the potential risks and associated outcomes.

If an acceptable resolution cannot be reached, we are then ready to litigate the matter under your direction in the proper courts.

Please call us and we will get started as soon as possible on your real estate transaction or conflict. 

For many years, Wynne Law Firm has represented banks and financial institutions across Mississippi in their collection efforts.

If the loan is unsecured (or the security is not worth going after), we will file a general collection action to secure a general judgment.  After the judgment is entered we will work with the client to determine whether at the time it is financially reasonable to pursue post-judgment collection remedies.  Such remedies could include bank account or paycheck garnishments or actions against non-exempt property of the debtor.

If the loan is secured by personal property (and the property is worth pursuing), we will file a replevin action for the return of the collateral.  We often have to work with local law enforcement for the return of the property once we locate same (such as the replevin of an all terrain vehicle being hidden at a deer camp in the middle of nowhere).

If the security is real property, we will initiate a foreclosure action, including writing demand letters, title work, publication of notice and conducting the sale.  If the real property is sold to the client bank or financial institution, the Substituted Trustee's Deed will be filed in the county land records accordingly.  Should the circumstances dictate the filing of a judicial foreclosure action, we will proceed accordingly.
If you require assistance and representation in your collection efforts, please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.


For most people, the criminal justice system is an unfamiliar area.  If you have been accused of a criminal offense you are likely frightened and stressed.  A criminal conviction will harm your livelihood, family and reputation for many years to come.

In addition, after a criminal conviction sentencing can include fines or probation and, of course, in more serious offenses the possibility of incarceration.

A criminal conviction will remain on your record for many years, or permanently, depending on the offense.  By statute in Mississippi, there are only certain criminal offenses that can be expunged (removed).  Even for those offenses that are expungeable, certain criteria have to be met before the Court after a hearing may enter an Order of Expungement.

A DUI conviction could result in fines, suspension of driver's license, driving "school", a detrimental effect on your insurance premiums and, possibly, jail time.  When defending a DUI charge, Wynne Law Firm will start with the initial stop, or check point (or however you came to the attention of law enforcement) and examine every step of the process from there to provide you a defense.  Defending the results of a properly-calibrated intoxilyzer blow reading is usually more difficult than defending a blow refusal.  However, a refusal to blow (of which you have the right) will result in an immediate suspension of your driver's license, and the driver's license suspension is an administrative proceeding separate and apart from the underlying DUI charge.

Every criminal case is different on its face, so it does not matter about anyone else's case but yours.  It doesn't matter that old so-and-so had the same charge and "got off" or received a better plea offer.

No criminal defense attorney can promise you a set outcome or an outcome similar to other cases.  If he or she does, you should be very cautious about retaining that attorney.

We have defended and after evaluation may accept representation on any felony including the following:


- Grand Larceny

- Possession / Receipt of Stolen Property

- House Burglary

- Business Burglary

- Auto Theft

- False Pretenses / Credit Card Fraud

- Aggravated Assault

- Drug Offenses

- Sex Crimes

- Robbery

- Kidnapping

- Homicide (Murder, Manslaughter, etc.).

We will also provide representation for an expungement of your prior criminal conviction, if available, or, if not available, for a possible Certificate of Rehabilitation (to allow you to possess a weapon for hunting purposes).

DO NOT TALK!  Let us say that again........do not talk or give a statement to anyone, particularly law enforcement if you have been arrested or think you are a person of interest.  Hardly anything good for you ever comes from talking.  Do not, however, be rude and always obey the instructions of the law enforcement officer (within reason, of course).  Kindly advise the officer that you wish to exercise your constitutional right to remain silent and ask for an attorney.  As they say on television, everything you say can be used against you......and will!

If you have found yourself or a friend or family member have found themselves arrested or charged with a criminal offense, give us a call.  Do not delay in getting the criminal defense representation you need.


Vehicle Accidents, Drunken Drivers, Wrongful Death, Injury Cases, Premises Liability, Assault / Intentional Torts.

Wynne Law Firm knows that being injured can disrupt your entire life.  It may cause you to struggle with unpaid medical bills, lost wages, and physical and emotional trauma.  You should not have to pay for the negligence and fault of someone else.

Insurance companies are not out to protect your best interests.  Immediately after the report of any accident, the insurance company will begin its investigation.  While you may have a duty to cooperate with your insurance company, always be mindful of why they want to talk with you and what you say.  In all things, though, be truthful.

As soon as possible after any accident in which you are injured, we recommend your doing the following:

- Make extensive contemporaneous notes about the accident;

- Take photos or videos, if possible, of everything you can, including the scene, damage to any vehicles involved, injuries sustained, etc;

- Have law enforcement come to the scene and file an accident report; and

- Seek medical attention if required for your injuries.

You need to retain an attorney as soon as possible who can begin investigating your matter and gathering evidence.

We would be more than happy to talk with you about your case at an initial no cost conference.